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General statement
Erkodent tries permanently to keep all online information actual and correct. Because of being human and the complexity of processes mistakes cannot be fully excluded. Due to that in the following you will find some statements which regulate the usage of our online information. We do not use hyperlinks before having tested the information they lead to. In this sense we use them consciously. But we have to distance ourselfs from contents on webpages and where they lead to in cases mentioned in the following.
Contents of Erkodent website
Erkodent does not gurantee for actuality and correctness of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including information which should be incorrect, will be rejected. All offers are non-binding and without obligation. Parts of the pages or the complete website might be changed or partly or completely deleted by Erkodent without separate announcement.
Erkodent has tested all hyperlinks, that is at the time having set the hyperlinks no illegal content could be identified by Erkodent on the websites the hyperlinks are leading to. Should the content of these wesites be changed without being notified by Erkodent or should any modification from third parties (crackers) change the nature of the hyperlinks to lead to other websites (usually with illegal content) we do distance ourself from all these contents. We are not responsible for actions like these. We will delete such links as quick as possible. We do not have any influence on the contents or mistakes on pages we link to. Therefore we cannot take any responsability for these websites.
Erkodent pays attention to copyrights. Any third party trademark mentioned on our website is to be handled according to the corresponding regulations. The copyright for the Erkodent information and layout is reserved. Usage of Erkodent information is to be permitted by Erkodent.
Legal validy of our disclaimer
Should sections of this statement not be legal, other parts remain valid.