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Erkoform-3d motion
  • Appareil de thermoformage
  • processus de thermoformage automatisé
  • capteur de température
  • sous vide de réserve
  • écran tactile
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  • Accessoire: Occluform-3
Thermoforming unit with reserve vacuum and touchpanel.
  • Special functions allow to separately turn the heating and vacuum pump on and off .
  • Safety switch-off after 10 sec. when the next working steps are not executed.
  • Many different languages can be selected.
  • Same characteristics as the Erkoform-3dmotion but without automated thermoforming process.
3d+ touchpanel
  • The program contains all Erkodent thermoforming materials, leads as short guide with animations through the sequence of work and indicates the required working steps.
  • Select desired foil and thickness, start.
  • The display informs abut each operating status.
  • The indicated thermoforming temperature and cooling time can be changed for special applications without influencing the basic program.
  • Often used foils can be saved as favorites.
  • New foils can be programmed as favorites.
  • Also changed factory settings can be saved as favorites.
Occludator capable of being integrated in the Erkoform units for imprinting the opposing bite (pat. 19915567).
  • The Occluform-3 can only be installed at Erkoform units.
  • The opposing bite is imprinted directly in the Erkoform-3d/3 during the thermoforming process!
  • Metal construction with hydraulic fixation.
  • Ready for self-installation.
  • With detailed installation and working instructions.
Occludating bow with fixation ring for Erkoform units.
Model pot for fixation of the model in the Erkoform unit form pot, granules shovel, hexagonal socket wrench size 3.
Weight 1.2 kg
  • Plaster free model fixation.
  • Hydraulic fixation of the opposing bite.
  • More space for higher models.
  • Single column construction for best model accessibility.
  • The construction of the Occluform-3 device is based on a Bonwill triangle with a side length of 11.5 cm and a Balkwill angle of 20°.
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Erkopress motion
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