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Notre entreprise
Erich Kopp, dentist and inventor, founded Erkodent in 1963.
Based on his daily practical work as a dentist a wide range of products and techniques were established for the world market.
That tradition is successfully continued by the actual chairman and dentist Hans-Peter Kopp.
His dental experience and enjoyment of product development build the fundament of Erkodent.
Erkodent supplies dental products for both, dentists and laboratories.
Furthermore Erkodent is active in the area of orthopedy and podology.
All products are offered worldwide (see partners).
Approximal 90 % of the turnover derives from the dental area.
Export as a major contributor and a diversified product range are the fundament of the company´s stability.
Major product classes are the dental thermoforming technique, silicones and waxes.
The Erkopress- thermoforming units using pressure and the Erkoform- units using vacuum stand for uptodate and extremely well performing technique.
Both kinds of units demonstrate a userfriendly handling and a high reliability.
Major focus is given to rapid and easy creation of final thermoforming products.
Furthermore Erkodent works on a significant enlargement of the scope of thermoforming technique.
Successful results of this engagement are for example the Playsafe-mouthgard, the Silensor-snoreguard and USIG.
A detailed description of all applications of the thermoforming technique you can find in a brochure which you are welcome to download here.
The Erkodent silicones, the Sitran-Kneton - Line with a highly stable and application-oriented quality are produced inhouse under strict control mechanisms.
The Erkodent wax department due to a most flexible production is in the position to realize ideas of professionals in very short time, e.g. the casting pear by ZTM Thiel.
All further Erkodent articles produced with the same care and under the same quality controls you will find on these pages or in our program which you can download here.
Our customers´ satisfaction, the excellent cooperation with the sales organisations in foreign countries and Germany, our training offers, our valuable staff and our product- and quality policy (since 1996 we were certified according ISO 9001, since 2007 we are certified according to ISO 13485) form the basement of Erkodent.
We apply strict standards, persistently are following our fixed targets and try to face each new day´s challenges with flexibility and creativity.
Les illustrations et données techniques sont sans engagement.
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