Bild Usig
USIG friction-generating coping
Thermoformed plastic friction-generating coping in the telescope and attachment technique (DBGM).
  • real friction
  • extremely comfortable insertion and taking for the patient and the practitioner
  • by a simple re-working the friction is at any time optimisable
  • low material costs
  • extremely high saving of time
  • metal-free constructions are also possible
  • most simple fabrication with the Erkodent thermoforming technique
With telescoping works the ingeniously simple system
leads to a sliding area with precise, real friction, firm fit and still allows an insertion and taking without seizing and a hydraulically feeling.
  • precious metal
  • NEM
  • plastic
  • Usig - friction generating coping out of Usig-foil
  • precious metal
  • NEM
  • zircon
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