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New developments, further developments, evaluation of internal and external ideas succeed by more than 50 years of experience and an inventiveness that is broadly shared by the team. Improvement-oriented concentration on the existing portfolio, open-mindedness for new ideas and the fulfilment of customer requirements are the essential conditions for the success of Erkodent GmbH.

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Nail correction system out of high-grade steel with exactly ad-justable tensile forces, fits all nail forms learn more


Nail correction system out of plastic with different adjustable tensile forces, fits all nail forms learn more


Flexible, permanently elastic and soft thermoforming material, suitable for all flexible stiffeners, available in 15 colours learn more


Kneadable, soft and highly elastic silicone material perfect for individual pressure relief and correction orthoses learn more

Foot model

Training and demonstration model for podological applications, such as nail prosthetics, orthoses or for learning podological activities learn more


Rational, skin-friendly impression procedure for the production of lasts and inlay blanks. Biologically degradable learn more

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