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Experience, inventiveness and creativity – Erkodent.

New developments, further developments, evaluation of internal and external ideas succeed by more than 60 years of experience and an inventiveness that is broadly shared by the team. Improvement-oriented concentration on the existing portfolio, open-mindedness for new ideas and the fulfilment of customer requirements are the essential conditions for the success of Erkodent.



Erkodur-al is a foil material optimized for the production of aligners. Erkodur-al Info
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Erkopress 240

Pressure forming unit for up to 6 models with base and for up to 9 models without base. learn more

Thermoforming material for Erkopress 240

Top products: technology that helps.

Erkopress   motion /
Erkopress ci motion

Universally useable and ergonomically optimised pressure forming units with automated thermoforming process for powerful workflow. learn more about Erkopress motion
learn more about Erkopress ci motion

Erkoform-3d+ /
Erkoform-3d motion

Highly functional vacuum forming units with the strongest vacuum available in the market. With and without automated thermoforming process.
learn more about Erkoform-3d +
learn more about Erkoform-3d motion

Thermoforming foils /

Erkodent offers for each intended purpose the optimal material. Of almost all applications we have created videos that show step by step the fabrication of the appliances. learn more

Playsafe triple

The top sports-mouthguard for all contact sports. Highest absorption and power distribution, with perfect fit and comfortable. learn more


The filigree anti-snoring appliance, highly effective against snoring and effective for the therapy of obstructive sleep apnea.
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An extraordinary polishing disc with high life time for all thermoforming materials and more. learn more

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