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Playsafe 4u - mouthguard with individual motifs.

Realize your Playsafe mouthguard with an extraordinary motif or your own individual design. For this please proceed as follows: Select your preferred design or send your own design to Erkodent. Erkodent just requires the data of the design as JPG or PNG (300 dpi!). The print will be effected immediatly and sent by letter to the customer.

  • Up to 2 logos will be printed on an Erkoflex foil in the size of 40 × 60 mm.
  • Up to 14 logos will be printed on an Erkoflex foil in the size of 125 × 125 mm.
  • In case of more than 4 logos it is profitable to order the larger foil.
  • The foils consist of transparent Erkoflex in thickness 0.7 mm.
  Order number Price per piece Foil size Number of logos
Small foil 177816 6.36 EUR 40×60×0.7 mm 2
Large foil 177817 13.03 EUR 125×125×0.7 mm 14

Because of the average size of a Playsafe sports mouthguard the logos will be printed in a maximum height of 12 mm and a maximum width of 50 mm. Special sizes upon inquiry.

Each design is possible. In order to be readable in the recommended size of 12 mm height it should, however, not be too detailed. Erkodent reserves the right to refuse certain designs. Erkodent assumes no liability for possibly protected designs. The client is responsible for the design.


A desired writing or letter can be created with your text editor and then saved as for ex. pdf. If necessary, we adapt the desired logo to the maximum size and print it on an appropriate foil.

Your desired logo can be printed either isolated from the background or printed with the background.

Example, desired logo with background:

Desired logo isolated from the background:

Please be aware that for ex. a desired logo in red will not be readable on a red Playsafe sports mouthguard (black in black, green on green etc.). In this case the logo should be printed with background.

Select your own desired graphic:

Select font for number

Click on number, select colour and insert quantity

Select font for name

Click on name, select colour and indicate quantity

Select graphic

Click on graphic and insert quantity

Production specifications

The national flags will always be printed in the maximum height of 12 mm.

Please be aware that for ex. a national flag with a red exterior field is not readable on a red Playsafe sports mouthguard (black on black, green on green etc.).

Select national flag

Click on flag(s) and insert quantity

Or select your own flag(s):

From canine to canine in white or black (other colours upon inquiry).
The anterior teeth consist of Erkoflex in 2 mm thickness.

Select anterior teeth

Do you wish to receive a name label free of charge in standard writing (font height about 2 mm) to identify your Playsafe sports mouthguard? Then please indicate the name of the athlete (in case of several names, enter separated by commas):

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