Dental Foot Orthopedics


Thermoforming unit without automated thermoforming process.


The Erkoform-3d+ has the same characteristics as the Erkoform-3dmotion but without automated thermoforming process. Also the touchpanel functions are the same. A large volume reserve vacuum is being held to allow a sudden forming. A sensor for touchless temperature measurement ensures the accurate temperature of the material for the thermoforming regardless of the ambient temperature. The unit is equipped with a medium-wave infrared heating, which doesn’t need preheating time. The medium-wave allows for the materials to heat up not only on the surface but also in-depth. The result is a less stressed splint.
The Occluform-3 can be installed (accessory).

Technical Specification
• H 31,5 / W 35 / D 37 cm
• weight 11,9 kg
• foil diameter 120 mm
• foil thickness 0 - 5.5 mm
• ~220 - 240 (110 - 120) (100) volts, 50 - 60 hertz
• power: 340 watt
• max. vacuum 0.8 bar
• noise level < 60 dB(A)
• Program the foil, insert foil, start the heating process, place the model now at the latest, the display leads with as short guide with animations through the sequence of work and indicates the required working steps.
• No compressed air supply required, plug and play.
• No preheating time needed.
• Touchless temperature sensor to exactly determine the actual temperature (patented) of the thermoforming material.
• Prior to the thermoforming process built up vacuum with sudden forming.
• Vertical pre-stretching and fitting for even foil thicknesses.
• To position the foil, with foil thicknesses of 0 to 5.5 mm, the unit can be operated conveniently with one hand.
• Easily accessible model during heating period.
• Acoustic and visual signal (suitable for people with impaired hearing).
• The display informs about each operating status and the remaining time.
Delivery Forms
Order No.
Delivery Contents
188600 Erkoform-3d+, foil trial package, foil securing ring, granules collecting device, model plate, granules pot, brush for filling granules with rubber cap, on-off magnet, power supply cable, worktray white, filling granules, machine documents (folder)
For all applications in the dental thermoforming technique.