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Dental Orthopedics


Device for mean value alignment of a model in the Occluform-3 model pot to the incisal point and to the occlusal plane. The positioning and articulation then corresponds to that of a mean value articulator. learn more


Special device and construction data for fixation of 3d print models in the Occluform-3 device. With Occ3-4p the advantages of the Occluform-3 when adjusting thermoformed occlusal splints can also be used for print models without base. learn more

Erkopor black

Erkopor black foam rubber discs as spacers and to create retention when fabricating individual impression trays. Moistening is no longer required. learn more

Find the latest video here: Individual impression trays


An extraordinary polishing disc with high life time for all thermoforming materials and more. learn more