Dental Foot Orthopedics

Erkopress _motion

Pressure forming unit with automated thermoforming process to be connected with the existing compressed-air system.


Pressure forming device with automated thermoforming process to connect with the existing compressed air system. The medium-wave infrared heating without preheating time, heats up the material not only on the surface but also in-depth.

Technical Specification
• H 32 / W 35 / D 43 cm
• weight 18,9 kg
• foil diameter 120 mm
• foil thickness 0 - 5.5 mm
• ~220 - 240 (100, 110 - 120) Volt, 50 - 60 Hertz, max. 380 Watt
• power: 380 watt
• noise level < 70 dB(A)
• working pressure 6 bar
Program the foil • Insert foil • Start the heating process
• Place model • Everything else will be done by the device

• The thermoforming process as well as the cooling time will run automatically.
• Touchless temperature sensor to exactly determine the actual temperature (patented) of the thermoforming materials.
• For uniform wall thicknesses the hot foil will be placed vertically onto the model.
• The adaption is taking place without delay.
• Outstanding workplace safety through automatic switch-off function.
• Pinch protection during the automated thermoforming.
• The medium-wave infrared heating without preheating time, heats up the material not only on the surface but also indepth.
• Easily accessible model during heating period.
• Acoustic and visual signal (suitable for people with impaired hearing).
• Program-controlled function and process.
• Air regulator with gauge and water separator
• The program contains all Erkodent thermoforming materials and as a quick guide, supported by animations, it leads through the workflow and signalizes the necessary work steps.
• Select the desired foil and thickness and start the process.
• Frequently used foils, new foils and even modified factory settings can be saved as favorites.
Delivery Forms
Order No.
Delivery Contents
173000 Erkopress motion, 1 foil securing ring, 1 foil reception, 1 granules collecting device, 1 model disc, 1 form pot, 1 brush for filling granules with rubber cap, 1 on-off Magnet red or green, 1 filling granules (supplied with the unit 1.8 kg), 1 worktray white, 1 power supply cable, 1 foil trial package, 1 machine documents (folder).
For all applications in the dental thermoforming technique.